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Matthew G. | January 2020

I can't recommend enough having Ryan as your personal trainer. He's personable, attentive, and caring. This doesn't mean that he won't push your limits. It means that he'll find out what they are and that he'll help you rise above them.

I came to Ryan with a history of injury and failure. What Ryan did was accurately address these issues and showed me how to move beyond them through teaching me proper form and a basic knowledge of mobility and strength training. My problem wasn't just that I kept getting injured. My problem was foundational. I didn't know what I was doing. Therefore, I kept getting injured. Ryan helped me fix that.

Ryan focuses on proper form, mobility, strength, endurance, and core. I never understood how important core work was until I started these sessions. Our entire body is connected with our core literally being at the center of it. If our core is week, our body can't meet it's full potential. Trust me when I say, your core will learn it's full potential!

Overall, I worked with Ryan for about ten months. The first half I met with Ryan once a week for thirty minutes. The second half of that period, I switched to the full hour at once a week. Although there is much you can accomplish and learn in the thirty minute sessions, I grew exponentially after switching to the hour sessions. The hour allows you to address more issues and gives you the opportunity to experience what a full workout should feel like. I highly recommend signing up for the hour.

It's been about three months since I finished my time working one-on-one with Ryan. I can safely say that the things I learned while training with Ryan will benefit me the rest of my life. I'm so thankful I made this investment in myself. It will be a decision you will not regret. Thank you, Altorelli, and THANK YOU Ryan!

RJ Rocky T. | January 2020

Happy New Year to the entire Altorelli Health Family, with all the best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. Sincere Thank you to the Health Team, that has improved my health process. Bessie's guidance, leadership as my life coach has been invaluable and enjoyable. Truly look for to her sessions. Ryan's exercise program is also invaluable to my improvement and physical health. I surly, looking forward to the 2020 year ahead and continued participation in this health team approach to prevention and strong personal health progress. Thank You to all the staff for your professional, caring service, with Dr Altorelli leadership and attention to detail.

145ritapita | December 2019

All at Altorelli Health are welcoming. They show a very real interest in one's health and improvement. I have availed myself of nutrition guidance, diabetic exercises and not least I feel that Dr. Nicole Altorelli has my Back! I am happy to have found a doctor like her.

Terry | December 2019

Bessie, the team health coach, is wonderful! From our first meeting, she has been a solid source of knowledge and incredibly supportive during the initial weeks of a major dietary change. She has reached out many times in between our scheduled meetings to check in and make sure I had ample information and plenty of dietary alternatives to choose from. I’ve tried many times to master this transition and have never stayed on track this long. Thank you Bessie for all your help!

Sean B. | December 2019

The Health Coaching program is a great added benefit to being a patient at Altorelli Health. In addition to knowing her stuff, Bessie has motivated me and supported my health goals...with just the right amount of "kick in the pants" when I need it.

Mike | December 2019

The team at Altorelli Health has been fantastic. They listen to your needs and help to craft a program that is right for you. The weekly check-ins have been fantastic and have helped to keep me on track. I am thrilled to be working with them.

Kathryn Ann M. | December 2019

I have been going for [personal training] at Altorelli health for a couple of months. Ryan, the personal trainer there, is excellent. He evidences a thorough knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, and how to relate the exercises he suggests to the specific problem one is having. The sessions with Ryan, and the exercises he gave me to do at home, are slowly but surely making the hip issue I have had for 2 years better. In addition to being wonderfully competent, Ryan is also extremely personable, kind, and cheerful – a pleasure to work with. He understands my physical weaknesses, but does not make me feel badly about them. Everything is positive with Ryan, and he inspires my own confidence in myself that with his help I will for sure become stronger and more healthy. In fact, all the people I have met at Altorelli health are terrific, from Dr. Nicole to Trish to Michael, the young man who is training with Ryan. I would strongly recommend this health practice to anyone.

Susan R. | October 2019

Ryan is a great personal trainer! He knows what is important for maintaining and improving strength and balance. He pushes enough but not too much and always checks in on how I am feeling about the work we are doing. There is variety in the workouts so I am never dreading anything because I don't know what's coming next! He is very personable and professional.

Jane F. | October 2019

I’m extremely excited after attending my first session of “ReThink & ReShape with Bessie, Nutritionist and [Ryan], Personal Trainer at Altorelli Health. These two are passionate, enthusiastic, and you can feel they truly care about helping others lead healthy lives. I’m looking forward to the results I may see after 8 weeks. An added bonus are the new people I’ve met. It is true working out with others is a great motivator and includes a good dose of laughter. Thanks Bessie and [Ryan].

Natalie D. | October 2019

Ryan is very engaging and attentive to our needs in class. He has made me aware of muscles that I never knew existed and works on exercises to help us avoid falls. He makes exercise fun and his class goes by all too quickly.

Anda M. | September 2019

I can't say enough positive things about Altorelli Health! They have a comprehensive approach to wellness, not just to treating illness. Being a patient there, I have access not just to a top notch physician, but also to a health coach and a personal trainer. They all work together as a team to insure that I am meeting my wellness goals. These goals include fitness, nutrition and emotional health. For example, in order to help me and others meet people with common interests they started a book club. On several occasions my health coach has met me at my gym to help me get started with a fitness program. Their personal trainer is helping me address some of my physical issues with one-on-one training sessions. The entire staff is friendly, welcoming, and extremely efficient. For anyone who is looking for quality healthcare with the focus on wellness and preventing illness instead of just treating it, you cannot find a better place to go than Altorelli Health!

Donna S. | September 2019

Altorelli Health has been a a life changing experience for me. I’m enrolled in the heath coaching and personal training programs. Heath Coach, Bessie has given me tremendous insight into my eating patterns. With her support and guidance I am able to identify emotional triggers that lead to unhealthy eating habits. Personal Trainer, Ryan is helping me gain strength, balance, and confidence in my physical abilities. I highly recommend booking a consultation with Bessie & Ryan to see how you can take charge and improve your health.

Nancy L. | September 2019

I am very impressed with the Bone Building class which is run by Ryan Grenier at Altorelli Health. He is punctual, organized and the class seems systematically designed to help the patient progress toward more advanced practices built on a foundation stressing balance and strength building exercises. The class has a seamless flow and yet there is room for humor and personal attention. This is my first experience with such a class and I highly recommend it. Nancy Lasar Age 74

Amy | September 2019

I am a fairly new client of the Altorelli group. I am extremely happy with the services I have received thus far. I have already lost several pounds working with Bessie my health coach and Ryan the exercise trainer. They offer many health classes in the evenings and even a book club for relaxation. Dr. Nicole gives me plenty of time to talk about any of my health concerns. I never feel rushed and I can get an appointment in a timely manner. I highly recommend Altorelli Health!

Eileen H. | September 2019

I have been in Ryans' Better Bones class for several months and I feel that I have progressed in strength and agility because of them. I really enjoy exercising and being challenged to improve. Ryan is a great teacher and the classes are fun.

Jonathan C. | September 2019

Dr Alphonse and Nicole Altorelli do doctoring the old fashioned way where they give plenty of time to see and hear their patients. Once you met them you get a reel sense that they actually care about you and your wellbeing. They are true professionals in every sense of the word. The staff is polite and the the decor is top notch. I would give them 10 stars if it went that high!

Judy M. | April 2019

After many years as a patient of Dr. Al and now Dr. Nicole, I am so happy to experience the way this practice has evolved into Altorelli Health. I was initially reluctant to jump into the fitness program, but after many weeks with Ryan as fitness trainer, I feel tremendous increase in strength, stamina and my back issue continues to improve. He continues to encourage, praise and motivate me to keep working on all aspects of his program. Bessie, our health coach, has given both my husband and me reachable goals regarding our nutrition and any general concerns. 

Andrea O. | April 2019

I've long been a satisfied patient of this practice. Shifting to Dr. Al's daughter Dr. Nicole was seamless and brought me up to date on all my tests and immunizations. Staff are extremely welcoming and helpful as well. This is family medicine at its best.The addition of a health coach and personal trainer to the array of services provided is a welcome addition. My  work with personal trainer Ryan has been life-changing. He manages to pack a full workout into a 30 minute session, leaving me both refreshed and aware that I've just upped my strength, flexibility, and balance--all important to a 74 year-old woman with arthritis and multiple orthopedic issues.