Our Standard Of Care


You will be seen by your doctor

Our providers value face time with their patients. The medical industry has seen a shift away from physician continuity and interactions. We believe patients should be able to see their doctor directly every time they come in for a visit.

Focused Care | Limited Populations

Our doctors have more direct time to focus on you and your care. We accomplish this by continually managing and limiting our total population size to 1/5th the industry standard.

Extended one-on-one time with your doctor

We extend our slotted time with patients to allow more time one-on-one with your doctor. We aim for visits to never feel rushed and to provide adequate time for proper exams and discussions with your provider.

Timely Appointments

We show respect to our patients and their time by making sure appointments start when they are scheduled.

Follow up calls from our office about your care

Our office engages in following up with patients to help remind, support and answer questions about your care. We follow up with whatever is needed to support your care from test results to reminders about outstanding orders made by your doctor.

Phone calls answered by a real person

Our multidisciplinary team answers your call, not an automated push button system.  

How do I become a patient?


There are three key elements to know about becoming a patient of our practice:

  1. All patients of our practice join through one of our available programs.  Medical visits are still billed through your insurance. (Current programs listed below)
  2. Every patient receives ALL of our standard of care elements.
  3. Each program offers unique benefits, beyond our high standard of care, that also make our care personalized. 


Our Legacy, Our Focus: With nearly 40 years of history in the community our health center is an expert in the industry. Not only in providing unparalleled medical care but best in class customer service as well. We focus on continuing to deliver what patients tell us matters most to them. Joining our practice means you can expect patient focused services as part of our standard of care.




PREVENTION PROGRAMS: These programs focus on preventing disease as well as treating it. To achieve this, we have established a multidisciplinary team of preventive health professionals and primary care providers. These programs ensure clients are never alone when trying to make difficult health and lifestyle changes. Your prevention, medical care and health information is seamlessly integrated with our intimate team.



CONCIERGE PROGRAM: This program is sought after by clients interested in additional support from their physician. In this program your physician is able to come to you and is accessible virtually at no additional cost. It also includes office services such as travel and specialist support.

What does it mean to "Join a program?"

These programs offer extended health services integrated direct with your primary care office. Joining a program means our organization supports you with the services offered under the program of your choice as well as with our primary care physicians.

We believe that health services should focus on what is best for our clients and their health (not insurance companies) as patients are our true customer. The non-medical services within these programs are not covered by insurance companies. We offer them as part of our mission to bring the future of best in class health care to our community. 

Medical visits are billed through your insurance. The program fees cover the other services offered. See individual programs for details.