Ryan Grenier


Ryan is a graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a B.S. degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science. Ryan has experience working in clinical settings with diabetes patients and is a certified Personal Trainer. He invests his time and energy into proper movement and training techniques that make you the best version of yourself.

Ryan’s passion is to help others and has found his calling in supporting client’s health goals through fitness. Ryan treats each training session like a workshop. The techniques and skills he teaches are specific to the individual and improving their daily life.

Certified Personal Trainer

Bessie Grasso


Bessie has an extensive background in helping support individuals with lifestyle and behavioral change through both 1-on-1 and group settings. Bessie has a B.S. in Psychology along with being certified as a Health Coach and Personal Trainer. 

Her desire is to work with individuals to address their specific health needs. She works with clients to set attainable goals and assist each person in making nutritional and lifestyle changes to reach and sustain their health objectives. 

Certified Health Coach

Certified Nutrition Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer


Deborah Slatcher, RN


Deborah Slatcher, RN brings to the office 45 years of nursing experience in, not only, primarily care but in ICU and ER environments as well. She sets the standard for quality care and patient support through her famous precision in injections/draws, excellent wound care and wise counseling of nutrition and healthy living.

Nurse Deb has dedicated her career to supporting the community's health and well-being. She is an invaluable resource to the team and our patients. She believes in personalized care and that getting to know the patients  as people first is key to providing best in class health services.


Nicole Altorelli, MD


Nicole Altorelli, MD focused her medical education on innovative practices and exploring solutions for the future of integrated primary care. She completed residency at Yale University and medical school at the University of Rochester.

Dr. Nicole is focused on designing a future for primary care that supports patient health goals and preventing illness. She believes in the power of listening to her patients and providing solutions through multidisciplinary integration.

Alphonse Altorelli, MD


Alphonse Altorelli, MD has been practicing in the Washington and New Preston area for over 35 years. A pillar of the medical community, he is revered for his diagnostic aptitude, emphasis on listening and spending time with patients.

Dr. Al prides most in his career the time spent focused on patient care. He believes the driving principles for the future of health care in this community should be to "first make sure it is good for our patients and good for our community."