team opportunities

Here you will find a listing of our current opportunities. 


Active Health is a team of health professionals specializing in primary care, personal training and health coaching who work side-by-side to build a community approach for the physical, mental and medical well-being of our people.

Personal Trainer (Part-Time)

 Our personal training business has been growing rapidly and has created an opportunity for an additional Certified Personal Trainer to work in tandem with our current trainer. This new opportunity is for a Certified Personal Trainer at our New Preston, CT site. The trainer we are looking for has high positive energy and an ability to engage clients of a wide skill level by creating safe and effective sessions. This position is expected to grow to regularly scheduled sessions but is as needed while the program grows.

Journalism Intern

You will be empowered to:

  • Gain unique health writing and research experience to enhance your portfolio and resume
  • Get an inside look at the latest innovations in the healthcare sector
  • Flexible work schedule fit for a student
  • Learn from and work closely with an entrepreneurial team
  • We will be happy to work with any students who may be looking to gain course credit

Job Description:

  • Complete 3-4 content creations per week for publication
  • Structure and organize content topics and information
  • Edit content creations for use across multiple distribution channels (blog, social media, promotional, etc.)
  • Must be familiar with journalistic standards and practices
  • Must be someone who has a flexible schedule and willing to regularly communicate via email


  • Strong writing skills and journalistic integrity
  • Strict attention to detail when writing and does not allow any typos in their work
  • Must be a regular reader of online news and journalistic content
  • Has 5-10 hours per week to devote to covering the sports tech space
  • Absolutely must be able to balance multiple stories simultaneously