Health coaching sessions focus on education and helping to support lifestyle changes. Coaches are trained and certified in fitness, nutrition, stress and reduction techniques. They form a health support system for reaching your goals.

Working with a coach is a great way to help: get fit, manage high BPs, develop weight loss programs, reduce anxiety, manage chronic conditions and more.



Balanced | Attainable | Personalized: Our Health Coach programs start with focusing on the needs of the individual. Each person's goals, constraints and plans need to fit what works best for them. Health coaching sessions focus on education and helping to support lifestyle changes and are available in a range of programs:

  • Nutrition Support & Counseling
  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Personalized Health Goal



Assessments are the first step to all programs and come at no cost, or commitment. Meet our Health Coach to discuss your current health needs and how our programs can help.


Diabetes Clinic


Diabetes Clinic: This is a 12-week sequence focusing on helping diabetic and pre-diabetic clients manage their sugars through fitness and nutrition. This program comes in two options depending on your need. The higher intensity program meets nine (9) times over the 12-weeks, starting with six (6) weekly visits and then transitioning to bi-weekly. The maintenance package is helpful for when you know what to do but could use more accountability between your sugar checks and meets bi-weekly for the full sequence.

  • Option 1: Maintenance package cost $280 comes with:
    • Six (6) Bi-Weekly Visits
    • Virtual follow-ups and accountability between visits
  • Option 2: Boot Camp package cost $400 comes with:
    • Six (6) Weekly Visits
    • Three (3) Bi-Weekly Visits
    • Virtual follow-ups and accountability between visits

Weight Loss Program


Weight Loss Program: Our 8-week program is geared towards not just managing weight but building the skills to sustain the loss, or gain, long term. The first 4 weeks are high intensity. You meet every week with our health coach to create your SMART goal, develop any fitness nutrition and/or stress plans and head towards your goal. The second 4 weeks meet every other week to both complete your goal and work on building the independent capacity to sustain your progress.

  • Package cost $280 comes with:
    • Four (4) Weekly Visits
    • Two (2) Bi-Weekly Visits
    • Virtual follow-ups and accountability between visits

Blood Pressure Control


Blood Pressure Control: An 8-week program that puts clients on the path towards controlling their blood pressures. Leveraging personalized diet and exercise plans with this program help clients build the life habits necessary to reduce reliance on blood pressure controlling medications.

  • Package cost $195 comes with:
    • Four (4) Bi-Weekly Visits
    • Virtual follow-ups and accountability between visits

Personalized Health Goal


Personalized Health Goal: A six (6) session package that is designed to flex to your personal goal needs. The sessions can be as close together or spaced out as is appropriate for your SMART goal. 

  • Package cost $280 comes with:
    • Six (6) Weekly Visits
    • Virtual follow-ups and accountability between visits



This is our monthly health class on meal preparation tips and tricks. The class is a 45 minute interactive education and discussion session held at our facility. The class is designed to help with time management, healthy option swaps and weight management. 

Member Price: FREE

Drop-In Rates: $24/Session

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Diabetes Workshop

Our diabetes workshop is a combined education and fitness class that explains (and shows) how nutrition and exercise impact your sugar levels. Spend the first 30 minutes of the workshop discussing how nutrition and fitness impact sugar levels. The second half breaks out into practical application with 30 minutes of exercise during which we will track your sugar levels to show the impact live.

Member Price: FREE

Drop-In Rates: $24/Session

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"DIETS" 101


This class covers information related to popular “diets” including Keto, Mediterranean, Intermittent Fasting, and Paleo.  Learn the benefits & risks of each diet along with how to implement healthy habits for long lasting change.  Our health coach will guide you through information on each diet to help you gain a better understanding of wellness and nutrition.

Member Price: FREE

Drop-In Rates: $24/Session

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Health Coaching Services

Stress Management


Provide stress management tools through one-on-one learning sessions. Help clients to examine stress triggers and how to leverage relief techniques for daily practice.



Establish healthy and sustainable nutrition plans that adapt to the needs of individual clients and take into consideration their current health goals. Discuss proper shopping for healthy foods and general food education

Functional Fitness


Examine your daily routine to help find ways to integrate functional fitness training outside of sessions.  The HCs will demonstrate proper movements and review routines to make sure you are practicing safe and productive functional fitness.

One-on-One Consultations


Combinations of 60-minute evaluation sessions and 30-minute follow-up consultations. Help clients establish goals and keep them on track long-term. Troubleshooting barriers to success.

Virtual Consultation


Mobile connectivity with health coaches for virtual progress check-ins. Answer questions on any of the preventive service areas of expertise.