Concierge Medical Program


This program is sought after by clients interested in the lost art medicine. The services offered in this program are not covered by insurances and have become lost to the industry. 

We offer back these traditional services bundled together to create a personalized experience for the client.


As with all of our programs, the standard of care you receive from our providers is best in class. None of our programs differentiate on the quality or timeliness of care from your doctor. Instead these programs focus on offering additional benefits in support of personalizing your care.

Standard of Care

Virtual Consultations

As part of this program you will receive Email and mobile phone information for your doctor. There is no additional charge for phone, text or Email consultations as part of this program.

Physician Continuity

In this program you will see your primary care provider each time you come into the office.

On-Site ED Consultations

This program includes on-site ED consultations at the local hospitals. Your provider will help coordinate your care in person in the event of hospitalization.

No Administrative Fees

As a member of this program we waive our administrative fees. This includes: any requests for medical records, medical leave or other forms, cancellation fees, prior authorizations and phone consultations. 

Travel Support

This program provides services to help while you are away like our travel medical kit for emergencies and a personal medical flash drive, updated annually.

Specialist Scheduling

To help facilitate complex and busy life schedules, our office will also help schedule your appointments with specialists.